A clear message gives you an advantage.

We see companies spending good money on bad marketing all the time. You won’t be one of them once we help you create a clear and compelling message. This process starts with the first of three, 90-minute strategy sessions.

Here’s how we’ll spend that time:

  • We’ll lead the conversation, but we want you do to most of the talking. We have a set of questions we’ll ask so we learn all we can about your company, your customers, what problem you solve for them, and what their life will be like after they interact with you.
  • We’ll also talk about who is the “hero” in your relationship with the customer. This is a paradigm shift that is unbelieviably effective in generating sales.
  • In the third call, we’ll go through the clarified messaging we’ve written, talk through some examples, and review a high-level marketing plan.

As Donald Miller says, “People don’t buy the best products and services, they buy the ones they can understand the fastest.” We’ll make sure that’s you.


If you’re local to West Michigan, we lead the first 90-minute session face to face.

Over the Phone

If you’re not local, schedule the first 90-minute strategy session over the phone.


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