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A Quick How To Guide on StoryBrand Marketing

You might be wondering, what exactly is StoryBrand marketing?

We like to think it’s a better way to present your brand with a proven marketing strategy. As a Certified StoryBrand Guide, our approach is different compared to other marketing companies. Under the StoryBrand framework, you get to simplify your message across every channel. It doesn’t matter if your demographics prefer print or social media because the approach translates well on every medium.

StoryBrand Overview

StoryBrand marketing all starts with the framework. There are seven distinct components to the framework, and by following each one, you set your marketing up for success.

You start with the character who wants something. Most companies aren’t very clear about what they offer, so they miss the characters, or customers, who are after what they have. When you make it clear, you invite them into your story.

In your story, you’ve defined the problem they have and offer to try and resolve it with what you offer, but you’re not the hero. You’re the trusted guide in your story. People don’t want a hero – they want a guide. When you incorporate that frame of mind into your marketing, you undergo an entire shift in your approach to marketing your business.

You’re responsible for giving them a plan to follow that lays out the expectations in a simple way. Doing so encourages them to trust you, so when you call them to take action, they will. You also want to make sure you communicate about the negative consequences when they don’t choose your products or services.

If you’ve followed the StoryBrand marketing approach, then you’re going to see the success you want. You just have to apply the framework to make it happen.

How to Use the Framework to
Develop Your Marketing Strategy

The framework takes a step further as you develop your marketing strategy because you apply what you know to different facets of your approach.

Wireframe Your Website

Wireframing your website is critical to your business’s success. Lay it all out in black and white before you start adding the extra stuff. Ideally, you want to keep the fluff to a minimum to help your customers focus on what you want them to do. The placements of each individual component should consider your framework and be placed accordingly.

Create a Lead Gen That Works

With the StoryBrand framework, you can finally create an online lead generator that works. If you’re positioned as the helpful guide, people will be interested in what you’re offering because they like that. A good lead generator encourages your business to get qualified leads from people already interested in your business.

Create an Email Sales Funnel

Then there’s the email sales funnel. If you’re not connecting with your prospects via email, then you’re missing out on valuable sales. It starts immediately after they show interest, so you want to always give them the information they want as soon as possible to keep their interest. That doesn’t mean you bombard them with emails, but you want to be strategic about how you’re sending them. The subject line is a valuable part of the email sales funnel, so don’t forget to include A/B testing to get the best open rate possible.

Build a Content Strategy

Content is still essential to your website’s success. Your content must be valuable to your audience, and it also can’t be cluttered. People don’t like clutter, so you want to be clear on what you post on your site about your business.

Make the Sales Pitch

When you’ve gotten all of your ducks in a row, you’ll be in the right place to make a sales pitch to your potential customers. It’s essential not to do it too soon because they won’t respond. Instead, if you apply the framework to your site, you’ll know when the right time is to make the pitch and get the sale.

End With Success

By following the StoryBrand framework, you can see exactly what needs to be done in order to influence your prospects to choose you over other similar businesses. People like happy endings, so if you show them how to get there with your story, you’ll see the power StoryBrand marketing has for your business.

If it seems overwhelming, we understand. We’ve got the experience to help you get started, and all you need to do is book a call with us to discuss the things that can be done with your marketing strategy. We’re happy to help you get where you want to go, but it’s up to you to book the call. Just remember – we’re here when you’re ready.


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