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Above Roofing

Above Roofing had become successful through years of reputation marketing. But in order hit their revenue goals, they needed a more strategic, managed approach to marketing. We worked on retainer as their Chief Marketing Officers for 18 months and helped them nail some measurable, impressive results.

Project Goals:

  • Communicate clearly and consistently
  • Design a compelling Website
  • Generate more leads
  • Improve communication with potential customers
  • Maximize online ad results

Messaging & Marketing Tools We Used

Clear Company Message

Inconsistent words confuse customers. We started by making sure Above Roofing was using clear language across all aspects of the company.


Websites provide information but they should also generate sales. We rewrote theirs to include their clear message, and a compelling call to action.

Lead Generator

People were leaving the site without scheduling a free estimate. We captured more leads when we offered a free checklist in exchange for their email address.

Sales Email Campaign

After someone downloaded the lead generator, we sent them an email sequence that delivered value, demonstrated authority, and then asked for the sale.

Digital Advertising

Spending money to point people to your website is worth it only after you have a clear message and customer journey in place. Once Above Roofing had these in place, their monthly ads generated better results.

Marketing Strategy

Above Roofing had always made these decisions on their own. But in order to hit their goals, they needed some expert advice. We met twice a month to plan and coordinate their methods and their budget.

The Results


first-time web visitors.

A 272% year-over-year increase.



of people who went through the web-based sales funnel booked an appointment.


increase in year-over-year sales.

Your business is too important to rely on random marketing.

You have the solution to your customers’ problems. Let’s use clear language and a focused Website to make sure they know about it.

We had seen our sales start to level off and knew we needed to start marketing beyond just referrals. We tried a few things but felt like we were wasting our time and money.

After hiring Guide MKTG our lead flow increased and sales went up. Josh and Becky freed us up to concentrate on what we do best — roofing.

In 2019, our sales increased by 20% over the previous year. We were even able to hire a new salesperson. I love being able to serve more customers and employ more great people.

Robert Freeman

Above Roofing

StoryBrand can help!

Above Roofing’s messaging and marketing strategy is based on StoryBrand principles. StoryBrand is a 7-part marketing framework that has helped thousands of companies communicate clearly with their customers so their businesses grow. We are certified in this model and use it to create marketing that gets impressive results for our clients of all sizes and types. Ask us about it when you schedule a call.