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Craft a Compelling Elevator Pitch That Grows Your Business

Harness the power of story to create a better way to talk about what you do with The One-Liner Workshop


March 26th | 1pm EST | Webinar

Communicate what you do with confidence
Attract your ideal audience
Simplify your message

Cut through the noise with a clear message

Does your company have a clear way of describing what you do or do you often resort to jargon or lengthy descriptions that leave potential customers scratching their heads?

When your business is your passion, it can be hard to condense what you do into a few sentences.

When people don’t understand what you do, they won’t buy. You need an elevator pitch.

Watch your story work wonders

Imagine having an elevator pitch that captivates your audience, leaving them eager to learn more about your business.This is a one-liner: A concise story that communicates what you do in a clear way and shows the transformation your business can bring to their lives.

Clear Company Messaging
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Rewrite the narrative with our proven framework

This workshop equips you with a simple three part framework to create a one-liner that will have listeners wanting to learn more about what you do.

Three Steps to a Clearer Message 

Get your 90-day action plan (marketing strategy).

Step 1:

Register for the workshop

Make a marketing strategy

Step 2:

Craft your Elevator Pitch

Improve your results with a marketing strategy.

Step 3:

Watch your business grow

Beck Martin

Meet Your Presenter:

StoryBrand Certified Guide, Becky Martin

If you’re anything like the hundreds of business owners I’ve worked with over the past 20+ years, you feel like you’re stumbling over your words when people ask what you do. So you either answer with your job title, or launch into a lengthy, jargon-filled explanation of what you do and get blank stares in return.

I know that having a concise message to share that clearly articulates the product you sell, the problem you solve and the results you get for customers can completely change the game when it comes to sharing what you do. The one-liner that you learn to write in this workshop will allow you to get people asking more about what you do, and give you a repeatable message that you can share online, in person and anywhere you talk about your business.

Elevator Pitch Workshop

March 26th | 1pm EST | Webinar