A Better Version of You ✨

A Better Version of You ✨

Use the power of transformation when you’re talking with a customer. Talk about how your product or service will transform them.


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What is a One-Liner?

Why should people buy your product or service? Answering that question in a quick, clear, and compelling way is not easy. But it's so important. People don't always buy the best product or service. They buy the one that's most easy to understand. When asked "What do...

THIS Is Your Marketing Problem 🚨

We talked about identifying your customers' external problem β€” what is standing in the way of them getting what they want. If you are like most business owners we work with, there are a few external problems that may be preventing you from getting what you want...

πŸ’Š For when it hurts to sit down

The other day, I overdid my workout a liiiiittle bit (this quickly became apparent the next morning when I tried to sit down 🚽 but my legs didn't want to cooperate). It was pretty evident that I needed some pain meds in order to get through my day. Problem: quadriceps...