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Stripe A Lot

Stripe A Lot had won numerous customer service awards and was steadily growing. Like most small businesses, they were making their own marketing decisions and were spending money each month to do something. However, their monthly ad strategy was “set it and forget it.” And that’s never effective (and often very expensive). In order to get the best return on their marketing dollars, they needed better ad management and a better website to send people to. In less than four months, we clarified their messaging, reworked their website, and saw their impressions and conversions go up (all during a pandemic).

Project Goals:

  • Communicate clearly and consistently
  • Write and design a compelling Website
  • Generate more leads
  • Improve communication with potential customers
  • Maximize online ad results

Messaging & Marketing Tools We Used

Clear Company Message

Inconsistent words confuse customers. We started by making sure Stripe A Lot was using clear language across all aspects of the company. Clarity is even more important because their name under-represents the range of services they provide.


Websites provide information but they should also generate sales.

We rewrote and redesigned theirs to include their clear message, and a compelling call to action.

Digital Advertising

Spending money to point people to your website is worth it only after you have a clear message and customer journey in place. Once Stripe A Lot had these in place, their monthly ads generated better results.

The Results


increase in unique web visitors.



decrease in their website “bounce rate.” People are no longer leaving their site within seconds.


click through rate on digital ads — more than double the national average for their industry.

Your business is too important to rely on random marketing.

You have the solution to your customers’ problems. Let’s use clear language and a focused Website to make sure they know about it.

I asked Josh to take over our Google ads. We were paying a lot and not getting much business from them. Our website was also old and probably needed a refresh.

Josh explained that the very first thing we need to do was get really clear about how we talked about the services we provide. No reason to spend money on ads that send people to a website that’s confusing!

He and his team wrote new messaging and then reworked our site around it. Now our ads are sending people to a website that’s clear and convinces people to call us!

Despite a weird 2020, we are busy. We have just as much business — if not more!

Nick Knapp

Stripe A Lot

StoryBrand can help!

Stripe A Lot’s messaging and marketing strategy is based on StoryBrand principles. StoryBrand is a 7-part marketing framework that has helped thousands of companies communicate clearly with their customers so their businesses grow. We are certified in this model and use it to create marketing that gets impressive results for our clients of all sizes and types. Ask us about it when you schedule a call.