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Stripe A Lot Spring Email

Stripe A Lot is a scrappy family business that has been getting the job done with a smile and a legal pad for years. Their low-tech approach hasn’t prevented them from earning multiple “best of” and customer service awards.

However, we knew there was opportunity to serve their clients and increase revenue by using their collection of customer email addresses. We wanted to send a helpful reminder email at the start of the season. The patriarch of the business didn’t want to “annoy” their customers. Being annoying is a common fear for small businesses that don’t use email marketing. However, we had earned their trust and got the go-ahead to email to the 1,336 addresses they had on file.

That single email made the phone ring!

Project Goals:

  • Begin the habit of communicating directly with past customers via email
  • Provide valuable content to existing customers
  • Fill Stripe A Lot’s spring schedule with ideal jobs
  • Increase revenue

Messaging & Marketing Tools We Used

clear message

Clear Company Message

Inconsistent words confuse customers. We started by making sure Stripe A Lot was using clear language across all aspects of the company. Clarity is even more important because their name under-represents the range of services they provide.

digital advertising

Sales Email

It’s possible to combine valuable information with a strong call to action in a single email. It doesn’t always take a 5-6 email sequence. It does require you to focus on your customer and write it with skill. This can even work when you’ve let your list get cold or you’ve never emailed your list at all.

computer on a desk with the email on screen

The Results


open rate (21% is the industry average).


phone calls in the week after the email was sent.


in revenue from this ONE email.

Your business is too important to rely on random marketing.

You have the solution to your customers’ problems. Let’s use email to provide them with valuable information, position you as the trusted authority, and ask for the sale.

I did not want to email our customers. I was afraid it would frustrate them and turn a lot of them off to working with us.

Well, I was wrong.

An hour after that email went out, our phone started to ring. People were talking about the email and blog. Damn if we didn’t have our busiest spring ever!

Joe Knapp

Stripe A Lot

person scrolling through email on their phone
computer on a desk with the email on screen
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Stripe A Lot’s messaging and marketing strategy is based on StoryBrand principles. We consistently see impressive results, for clients of all sizes and types, when using this framework. Ask us about it when you schedule a call.

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