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Becky Martin

Co-Owner, Vice-President & Marketing Strategist


Business owner, writer, marketer, and pragmatist. My greatest joy is helping people take action in order to solve their problems.

In high school, my dream job was to conduct a never-ending book club, where people read words on a page, felt something move within them, and then got to talk about it with other word nerds. (I also wrote poetry and did intricate cross stitch. I was like 15 going on 65.)

Today, my job isn’t too far away from that original dream. Except, I’m the one writing the words and outlining the stories. And instead of 10 people talking about it over cups of tea, hundreds of people are talking about it online or clicking “buy now.” Words are magic. They get people to pay attention and do things.

I write and strategize to help people solve their problems. How? By using (buying!) solutions created by small businesses. Everyday, I get to help peoples’ lives become better and help businesses grow.

It’s not easy to run a successful business. I know because it’s been a long time since I’ve been an employee. I love being an owner. But successful ownership is not for the timid or undisciplined. Even the most driven and talented small business leaders are drowning in responsibilities. And it can be scary to delegate. There are emotional and financial risks.

Marketing is one of those spots where owners get burned — either by someone they hired or by trying to do it themselves. It’s so easy to waste good money on bad marketing. Random marketing tactics bog down growth, waste time, and create doubt. If you’ve made that mistake, you’ll get no judgment from me. How are you supposed to understand it all?! You didn’t start your business to write words, buy ads, and build websites.

Good news: I built my business to write words, buy ads, and build websites (and a bunch of other marketing-y things). Every small business deserves a winning marketing strategy. I, and the team here at Guide MKTG, use a proven framework that gives leaders more confidence, more time, and more leads. When marketing is expertly guided, your business is free to grow and you can focus on what you’re good at.

So… my English degree didn’t result in my life being a perpetual book club (though I am part of 3 or more in any given month). But I do get to play with words in order to create action. I just do it for your benefit instead of my enjoyment (though I really do love what I do).

When I’m not writing or reading, I am spending time with my family. My husband and I are best friends and are raising two teens. We live on an inland lake in West Michigan — a property that’s been in my family since 1960. I’m always looking for the perfect blend of stability and novelty. That’s usually achieved through travel and cooking, which are perfect ways to punctuate a quiet, meaningful life.

If you want to talk about your marketing (or the latest book you read), schedule a call. I’d love to learn more about what action you want your customers to take. Chances are good we can use words to get them to act.

Talk soon,

I am a certified StoryBrand guide.

StoryBrand has become one of the most trusted names in marketing. Created by best-selling author Donald Miller, StoryBrand has helped more than 10,000 business leaders clarify their message and grow their business.

Guide MKTG’s approach is built on StoryBrand principles. And the results are incredible! Businesses consistently increase their revenue without spending more on their marketing efforts.

Being a StoryBrand Certified Guide means we don’t have to guess when it comes to your marketing. When we create your messaging, websites, emails, and more, they will grow your business.