Lantern Marketing is now part of Guide MKTG.  🎉  Read about the acquisition here.

Lantern Marketing is now part of Guide MKTG.

Two successful marketing agencies have combined staff and best practices to get even better results for service-sector businesses.

Enhanced Expertise

Expanded Capabilities

Elevated Results

Who is Guide MKTG?

We’re a full-service marketing team that work with successful B2B and B2C local service providers.

If you provide a top-quality service to a geographic area, we can help you capture customers’ attention, spend your marketing budget wisely, and hire the talent you need to make your business run.

Since the team at Guide MKTG now includes Lantern’s brightest talent, you’ll get:

More thinking power

More wisdom and experience

Fresh Perspectives

A larger team of experts to implement your marketing strategy

We’ve helped hundreds of service providers improve their messaging, marketing, and hiring.

Stand Out in Your Field

Using clear, customer-focused messaging with a proven-yet-custom strategy will allow your business to stand out, even in the toughest market conditions.

Market with Precision

With the addition of Lantern Marketing, Guide MKTG has twice the brainpower to create your custom marketing plan, implement it for you, and elevate your results.

Hire Top Talent

Your service-based business can’t grow if you can’t hire the top talent you need. Attract more qualified applicants and hire employees that fit your company’s culture.

Get a clear vision of your marketing plan.

Stop taking shots in the dark with your marketing budget. 

1. Book your clarity call.

Use the combined expertise of Guide and Lantern to create a specific marketing plan to achieve your business goals.

2. Kickstart your plan.

Give our expanded team the go ahead to create and implement the tools you need to best market your business.

3. Build on your results.

With our enhanced capabilities, Guide can get you where you want to go. And we will use those results to catapult you even further.


I’ve worked in marketing for 15 years, and I’ve never worked with a better team. Katie and Grace are incredible at what they do. I love Katie’s questions and how she simplifies everything. Grace is the the most skilled copywriter and SEO expert I’ve ever encountered. I am grateful for them.

Sophie Howell

Chief Experience Officer, Cook Wealth

The Guide MKTG Team

Josh Cowen

Co-owner, President & Marketing Strategist
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Becky Martin

Co-owner, Vice President & Marketing Strategist
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Josh Brammer

Fractional COO

Cherie Ockerse

Executive Assistant

Grace Townsley

Copywriter & Analyst

Jonah Townsley

Project & Resource Manager

Katie Barrett

Account Manager

Stefanie McGee


Vanessa Ruiz


Plus other subject-matter experts and niche companies that deliver top-quality results for our clients

What is StoryBrand?

StoryBrand is a proven, result-driven marketing framework that has helped thousands of businesses effectively communicate their message.

As Certified Storybrand Guides, we create customer-focused messaging that will grow your business with a clear, repeatable strategy.

I asked Josh to take over our Google ads. We were paying a lot and not getting much business from them.

Josh explained that we need to get really clear about how we talked about the services we provide. No reason to spend money on ads that send people to a website that’s confusing!

Guide’s team wrote new messaging and then reworked our site around it. Now our ads send people to a website that’s clear and convinces people to call us!

Nick Knapp

Stripe A Lot