THIS Is Your Problem 🚨

THIS Is Your Problem 🚨

Feel like you are wasting money on marketing? You are not alone. Here are a few ways you might be.

💊 For when it hurts to sit down

💊 For when it hurts to sit down

People are motivated to solve the problems that cause them pain. If your marketing doesn’t talk about your customer’s problem, you’ll be ignored.


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In our very first conversation with a small business owner who comes to us to improve their marketing, we ask “the magic wand” question. “If we could wave a magic wand 🪄 and make your wish come true, what would you ask for?” What does “success” look like? Business...

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When looking for a company or product to solve a problem, customers want to work with someone who truly understands their problem and the pain it’s causing. Customers want someone who “gets it.” How do you communicate this? Empathy. As we talked about a few weeks ago,...

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