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Make the feeling disappear! 💥

What’s your default answer to the question “How are you doing?” Do you say “fine,” “well,” “better than I deserve” or “doin’ grrrrrreat!”

Does your answer change if someone who really knows you asks the question? Would your honest answer be “overwhelmed” or “tired” or “doubtful” or “embarrassed”?

Yes, . But people buy to make an internal problem go away. We don’t like to feel discomfort. We’ll do almost anything, and spend up to the top of our budget, to make uncomfortable feelings disappear.

And don’t think this just applies to therapists and life coaches. Every customer has an internal problem.

Let’s look at an asphalt paving company — not what you would think of as a “touchy-feely” business.

  • External Problem: Asphalt is in disrepair and looks bad.
  • Internal Problem: Frustrated and embarrassed by how it looks. Intimidated by the idea of fixing it themselves.

Now look at where those feelings (or their inverse) show up on their Website:

Acknowledging and then promising to solve those internal problems will sell more asphalt than any list of features will.

Action Step:

  • Determine how are your customers are feeling when they’re searching for the solution you sell. Include those words in your marketing copy.

Most small business leaders we work with are overwhelmed by the idea of marketing. Or they’re annoyed that the money they’re spending on marketing isn’t getting them any results. Let’s get on a . We can change “overwhelmed” into “confident,” and “annoyed” into “delighted.”


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