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Josh Cowen

Co-Owner, President & Marketing Strategist


Summers as a kid were awesome. I had freedom to adventure on my bike. A carpet full of Legos to fulfill my imagination. Best of all I got to work alongside my dad.

Growing up with an Appliance Repairman as a father was exciting! His shop was paradise for a little boy: walls covered in glistening tools; dusty cabinets with unknown treasures; mechanical bits and pieces everywhere. And despite the drill tear-down fiasco (involving me, a drill, and LOTS of parts), he loved teaching me his ways.

His teaching continued through high school and into college. Constantly rebuilding washers and dryers, going on service calls to customers and stopping for an occasional snack. As the years floated by I began to understand service work. The challenges of running a business on your own required knowledge of customer service and problem solving skills.

Business leaders like you and my dad wear so many hats. Your can-do, muscle-through, DIY approach has helped you grow your business. But being responsible for too many things is preventing your growth (and making you exhausted). I saw that a lot with my dad.

One of the hats that gets overlooked is marketing. You end up hoping that customers just “get it” and buy. Or you get seduced by a vendor and their vague ROI promises. When you put on your marketing hat, too many small business owners end up doing expensive, ineffective random marketing tactics.

Growing up in a service based business, I get it. Technical knowledge comes easy. But running a business is a headache. Finances, scheduling, answering the phone… There is so much to oversee and do that marketing takes a back seat. If my dad had someone to guide his marketing, his business would have finally grown beyond just him.

I want small businesses to win. Owners shouldn’t be crushed by their to-do list. Your business should grow whether you’re in the office or sitting in your backyard or on the bleachers cheering on your kids.

Are you ready to take off the marketing hat? I can help you create marketing that works and find more time to focus on the parts of your business you love. Schedule a free call to talk about your marketing and I can also fill you in on the drill incident.

I am a certified StoryBrand guide.

StoryBrand has become one of the most trusted names in marketing. Created by best-selling author Donald Miller, StoryBrand has helped more than 10,000 business leaders clarify their message and grow their business.

Guide MKTG’s approach is built on StoryBrand principles. And the results are incredible! Businesses consistently increase their revenue without spending more on their marketing efforts.

Being a StoryBrand Certified Guide means we don’t have to guess when it comes to your marketing. When we create your messaging, websites, emails, and more, they will grow your business.