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Grow your financial services business without having to become a marketing expert.

Effective Marketing for Tax Strategists, Accountants, Bookkeepers

More Time

We do the work for you

More Ideal Clients

Attract Qualified Leads

More Confidence

Stop guessing how to do marketing

Would you prefer to be audited rather than write your own website and plan ad campaigns?

You know your business needs marketing to keep growing but you don’t want to be the one to do it.

You are:

Too busy running a business to become a marketing expert.

A numbers person, not a wordsmith.

Losing clients to competitors.

Wasting time on unqualified leads instead of your ideal client.

Unable to hire the talent you need.

Marketing your financial services company shouldn’t be this draining.

You don’t have to figure out marketing on your own.

With Guide MKTG as your marketing director, you’ll get:

Marketing that Works

Say goodbye to the days of wasting money on random, ineffective marketing. We will identify the marketing strategies that will get you the best ROI.

The Clients You Want

To non-numbers people, financial lingo can be confusing. We will give you the right words to explain your services in a way that attracts your ideal clients.

The Staff You Need

Growing your company often means growing your team. But hiring is brutal right now. We use marketing principles to help you attract highly-qualified employees.

Clear Company Messaging
Professional Website
Email marketing
Local Advertising
Help with hiring

You deserve a marketing strategy that works for your financial services firm

Many finance businesses view marketing the way the rest of us view taxes: as an intimidating and time-consuming necessary evil.

We understand that building your brand and attracting your ideal clients isn’t easy. And there are companies in your inbox (or spam box) who are making all kinds of vague promises about leads and metrics and SEO. Tempting, right?

Sustained growth takes more than a single, shiny marketing tactic. It takes an experienced partner and a strategic plan. We’re a full-service agency that helps local service companies add digits to their bottom line, attract qualified leads, and hire top talent.

CPA company had 80% increase in yearly sales.

Tax company added 8 expert professionals to their team in just 2 months.

Our website was outdated and we felt it was not representing us well online. Guide MKTG was incredible listening to us about who we are and translated this into beautiful verbiage for our new website. We choose Guide because they were well versed in the StoryBrand ecosystem and now our website is both aesthetically pleasing and communicates who we are through the clear messaging. We are very pleased with Josh & Becky and the team!

Jo VanderPloeg

Client Service Associate, CooperDavis Financial Group

Effective Marketing = Measurable Growth

Armed with clear messaging, professional websites, and content written to convert, these results exceeded the clients’ expectations:

Marketing your financial services company doesn’t have to be complicated. 

Follow these three easy steps:

1. Schedule a Free Clarity Call

We can meet in person (if you’re local) or over the phone to discuss your business goals and answer your questions.

2. Get a Clear Plan

We will send you a clear plan outlining the marketing strategies that will get your business growing.

3. Enjoy the Results

With effective marketing in place, you’ll have more time, more leads, and more revenue.

I was feeling anxious about the state of our website and less-than-active blog. I needed to improve both if the company was going to keep growing.

Guide MKTG and Yodamojo solved my problems. They wrote outstanding content and wrapped it all in a great web design! Now our site is working just the way I wanted it to.

My new challenge? Serving all of our new clients!

Mike Pine

Founding Partner, Pine & Company, CPAs

Why can’t I just DIY my marketing?

You could — just like your clients could DIY their 1040 or 401K.

Just because it can be done doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.

DIY marketing will get you DIY-caliber clients. If you’d rather work with clients who understand the value of an expert, you need expert marketing to showcase your business.

DIY rarely pays off in the end. Please don’t waste good money on bad marketing. Partner with an expert. You stick with the numbers and we will take care of the words.

Hire better and faster than your competition!

Download your free guide with 29 specific tips!

“We are now getting hundreds of qualified applicants per month thanks to the content Guide MKTG wrote. We’ve hired 4 tax professionals in the first 6 weeks and have more in process.

I’m networked with dozens of other CPA firms who are turning away client work because they don’t have enough staff. I’ve told them to hire GUIDE to create all of their hiring content.”

Mike Pine

Founding Partner, Pine & Company, CPAs

StoryBrand can help you hire!

StoryBrand is a 7-part marketing framework that has helped thousands of companies communicate clearly with their customers so their businesses grow. We are certified in this model and use it to create marketing that gets impressive results for our clients of all sizes and types. Here’s the secret: The same strategies we use to bring you ideal customers can be used to bring you ideal employees. The power of story works for both. Ask us about it when you schedule a call.