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Pine & Company CPAs

Pine & Company CPAs offers concierge level tax strategy and filing for high-end clients. But their messaging and website didn’t reflect their intellectual creativity and professionalism. We worked with Pine and their web developer to implement all new messaging, website, landing pages, and content marketing. The results were so fast and so decisive they put additional marketing on hold — they couldn’t keep up with all the new qualified leads.

Project Goals:

  • Define different client types
  • Write messaging specific to each client
  • Communicate clearly and consistently
  • Design a compelling website
  • Generate more leads
  • Position Pine and its founder as subject matter experts

Messaging & Marketing Tools We Used

clear message

Clear Company Message

Inconsistent words confuse customers. And generalized words don’t create a connection or sense of urgency. For Pine, we developed company-wide messaging and we also wrote messaging specific to each customer type.



Websites provide information but they should also generate sales. We rewrote Pine’s homepage, and we also wrote landing pages for different types of clients. They can enter the site on a page that speaks directly to them. This is highly effective when your products are tailored to specific customers.

email marketing

Sales Email Campaign

Pine created campaigns and promotions specific to different customer types and different times of year. We sent the emails to the customer group and they responded by buying services.

(Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective.)

digital advertising

Content Marketing

Blogging is an excellent way for a company to demonstrate authority, develop trust, and drive traffic.

Pine has a trove of information that’s valuable to current customers and people just visiting their site. We wrote blogs to hit people at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

Above Roofing homepage

The Results


qualified leads come from their website every day. During one six-week window, they added 40 clients.

This is a dramatic increase from previous web leads.


of people who schedule a consultation leave their current CPA to become customers at Pine & Co — in a field where switching can be seen as complicated.


increase in year-over-year sales from 2020 to 2021.

Your business is too important to rely on random marketing.

You have the solution to your customers’ problems. Let’s use clear language and a full sales funnel to make sure they know about it.

I was feeling anxious about the state of our website and less-than-active blog. I needed to improve both if the company was going to keep growing.

Guide MKTG and Yodamojo solved my problems. They wrote outstanding content and wrapped it all in a great web design! Now our site is working just the way I wanted it to.

My new challenge? Serving all of our new clients!

Mike Pine

Founding Partner, Pine & Company, CPAs

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Pine & Co, CPA’s messaging and marketing strategy was based on StoryBrand principles. We consistently see impressive results, for clients of all sizes and types, when using this framework. Ask us about it when you schedule a call.

Stop wasting good money on bad marketing.


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