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More Qualified Applicants

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What happens if you can’t fill your open positions?

You can’t afford to turn down work or watch your wait list grow frustrated — especially during economic uncertainty. If nothing changes, and you can’t hire the help you need, you’ll:

  • Lose loyal customers
  • Miss out on new clients
  • Overwork your current staff until they quit
  • Forget about having better work-life balance
  • Watch your business shrink

You need the right words to describe your company and open positions.

Attract the
Right Candidates

Messaging with clarity, honesty, and personality will attract quality candidates that match your company’s culture.

Stop Employee
Burnout & Turnover

Overworking your current employees is making them resentful or straight up quit. Adding more good employees to the team will help you get the best out of everyone.

Beat Your

If your competitors are scooping up all of the good employees with their so-so offer, imagine the advantage you can have with  your clear and amazing job opportunity.

The same strategies we use to bring you ideal customers
can be used to bring you ideal employees.

We create the tools you need to hire the best.

We understand how frustrating it is to list a job opening and get ZERO qualified applicants. 

If no one is applying, the problem might be the way you’re describing the opportunity or confusion during your hiring process.

The right words — about the opportunity, your company, and the process — are key to capturing people’s attention and convincing them to apply.

  • A hiring strategy, so you can stop guessing about what parts of your process need attention
  • The exact words to use for everything related to hiring
  • A careers page on your website
  • Job descriptions for Indeed, LinkedIn, Zip Recruiter, or the job board your ideal candidate prefers
  • InMail messages for cold outreach
  • Emails for after individuals apply
  • Digital ads for Facebook or LinkedIn
  • Social media posts aimed at applicants
  • Signage for your physical location or fleet vehicles
  • Online testing set up to further qualify applicants
  • Onboarding documentation (digital or physical)

You can have this kind of hiring success, too!

Clients who use our hiring content consistently find talented applicants who add value to their team.


month increase in qualified applicants


Position filled after posting new job description


Average time spent reading the career’s page


Applied after visiting the careers page

Hire Better and Faster Than Your Competition

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We are now getting hundreds of qualified applicants per month thanks to the content Guide MKTG wrote. We’ve hired 4 tax professionals in the first 6 weeks and have more in process.

I’m networked with dozens of other CPA firms who are turning away client work because they don’t have enough staff. I’ve told them to hire GUIDE to create all of their hiring content.

Mike Pine

Founding Partner, Pine & Company, CPAs

But what about the recession?

Everyone is paying attention to how they spend their money right now — your customers are, you are, we are… It’s a stressful unknown on everyone’s mind. 

Here’s what we do know: Demand may look different in the coming months, but customers aren’t going away. You provide a valuable, needed service that customers can’t put on hold indefinitely. If you’re going to survive and thrive, you need to have the employees to meet demand. You need to be able to say “yes!” when the phone rings.

Having high-performing team members will help you delight your current customers, sneak up on any competition, and give you huge momentum at the end of this economic wave.

Here’s how to fill your open positions:

Schedule a free call.

What have you got to lose? It’s 30 minutes, and it’s free. We’ll give you suggestions specific to your situation on this very first call. This one conversation could set up years of success.

Get the exact words to use.

We’ll look at your past success and struggles to come up with a plan. Then, we’ll write all of the pieces you need to attract top talent. They will be specific to your company and the positions you have open.

Put your hiring plan in place.

Your team has all the tools they need to set your hiring plan in motion. If you’re working with a recruiter, just share your folder of hiring materials with them.

Watch your business grow.

Holy cow! The hiring plan worked! Not only have you found stellar new employees, you also maintained your sanity. Now you’re ready to take on new business!

Attract people who will fit in with your current, kick-ass team.

Creating a detailed, clear company profile, job description, expectations, and benefits package will target the kind of employees you want and turn away those you don’t.

We were frustrated with our recruitment process (and recruiters) because we were having a hard time finding good applicants. For example, we were trying to hire a Customer Service Representative and having no success. Guide MKTG rewrote the job description and developed a recruitment strategy. It didn’t take long to work (less than 48 hours, to be exact). We are relieved to have a great new CSR on our team. We’re confident that Guide MKTG’s methods will bring us qualified candidates for our next hiring push, too.

Josh Moog

Barnett Plumbing & Water Heaters

StoryBrand Guide Badge

StoryBrand can help you hire!

StoryBrand is a 7-part marketing framework that has helped thousands of companies communicate clearly with their customers so their businesses grow. We are certified in this model and use it to create marketing that gets impressive results for our clients of all sizes and types. Here’s the secret: The same strategies we use to bring you ideal customers can be used to bring you ideal employees. The power of story works for both. Ask us about it when you schedule a call.

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