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Remember the day your website went live? You might have hired someone to build it, or you took it on yourself. Either way, you were filled with optimism and anticipation. This site or this version was going to be the one that brought you the leads you need. 

Did the following days and weeks go like this: <Refresh> <Refresh> <Refresh> 🦗🦗🦗

What happened? Why didn’t your website “work”?

Most websites are built to look good 🪞, to perform well for Google’s bots 🤖, or are filled with information about the company but not the customer 😴. 

People don’t base their buying decisions on pretty pictures, keywords, or stories about how your grandfather started the business. They buy when the words on your website tell them how you will solve their problem. 

So how do you fix your site so it actually functions as the best member of your sales team?

Your Website needs these 7 things:

  • Header with CTA
  • Stakes
  • Value Proposition
  • Guide: Empathy &  Authority
  • Plan
  • Explanatory Paragraph
  • Junk Drawer

I’m going to walk you through each of these sections in the coming weeks.

For now, just know that there is a solution to your website frustrations and disappointments. Your site can be something that creates a feeling of pride and something that creates sales.

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