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Websites Gone Wrong

Every week, I come across websites in serious need of help. 

Are you worried that your website has gone all kinds of wrong? Never fear! 

Here’s a shortlist of things to avoid (and a few solutions). 

  • A series of changing header images and text (called “carousels”)
  • Design that doesn’t adapt and scale to mobile devices
  • No favicon (here’s the 411 on why you need one)
  • Too many fonts (shoot for two complementary fonts)
  • Long blocks of text with no headlines (readers these days are really “scanners”)
  • Grammar mistakes (Grammarly to the rescue)
  • Not having a clear call to action
  • Photography that looks cheesy, inauthentic to your audience, and doesn’t showcase happy people
  • An unclear message and copy (try this tool on for size)

I could add many more mistakes to this list, but these are some of the common ones. 

Plus, several of these items are a relatively quick fix you can DIY all on your own.

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