Your company message is almost ready! [Free Tool]

Very few things in life are free. About half way down this blog, I’m going to link you out to an incredibly helpful marketing tool that is completely free. 🎉

So many of the conversations we have with business leaders revolve around the “sexy side of marketing.” They immediately hop into talking about a beautiful website or the latest social media trends. 

And, marketing tools like those have tremendous value in their place. But, there is a foundational piece so many marketers and business leaders skip: messaging

That’s why we’ve spent most of the last four months talking about the words you use. 

People buy based on the words they read.

What you may not realize is that if you’ve done some of the Action Steps in each email, you’ve been building your company message — what StoryBrand calls your “BrandScript.” 

A BrandScript is your clear company message. It’s the collection of words, phrases, and ideas you use to position your brand in a way that connects with your audience and leads to sales. 

You’re ready to put all the pieces together and create your clear company message!

Action Steps:

Choose from 4 different ways you can finish your clear company message:

  • You Do It Yourself: Pull all of your brand messaging pieces together in one convenient spot. Access the FREE BrandScript tool.  [FREE]
  • We Do It With You: Use the free BrandScript tool and then share your version with me. We’ll meet for one hour so I can provide feedback and coach you through any points where you get stuck. Schedule your 1-hour coaching call. [$350]

  • We Do It For You: There can be great value in having someone else pull you out of the weeds to craft your message. As StoryBrand Certified Guides, we’re trained in how to do exactly this. We’ll meet to gather all the information we need, create your comprehensive Company Messaging Guide, and meet again to go over all of it with you. Schedule your kickoff call. [$2,100]
  • Together, We Attend a LiveStream: Every quarter, StoryBrand puts on a 2-day LiveStream where they teach the components of the BrandScript, One-Liner, and Sales Funnel — all from the comfort of your home or office. When you register, let me know so you can be assigned to my virtual coaching room. I’ll be there to guide you through the entire process. I’ll also give you an hour of private coaching within 30 days of the event and a free website review. Register for the next LiveStream. [$1,490]

Set aside 30 minutes today to test drive the free BrandScript tool. It will give you a framework for all the words you need to position your business and connect with your customers in a way that drives sales.


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