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Are You Really Customer-Centric?

All this month, we’ve been talking about being more customer-centric in your marketing. We’ve talked about the power of communication that lies within marketing. We’ve discussed the need for placing your customers at the center of your messaging, of making them the hero and your company the guide.

But now it’s time for the big test: are you actually customer-centric?

The very first place you need to be customer-centric is your website. We’ve said it before, and it can never be said too many times: your website is the most important piece of marketing you’ll ever create.

So, in the continuing struggle for clear, compelling marketing, it’s only right that you should first look at your website.

It’s time to apply the litmus test.

The Test

Don’t worry, this is actually pretty easy.

First, print out your site’s homepage. For this, you’ll need a printer. Remember those? It’s OK if you don’t see one attached to your computer. Check the office supply room.

Once you’ve got the printer plugged in – just what is a “serial port” anyway? – print out your homepage. If this takes too long, and if there’s a notable increase in this month’s paper budget, that should get you suspecting at least one thing: too many words on your homepage. (If your homepage really is too big, just print out enough to fill 2 or 3 sheets of paper.)

Next, break out the markers. Get two different colors. We’ve seen this done with red and yellow, but purple and green are also acceptable.

Now, the test itself. Read through the copy on your homepage. Every time you see language that talks about you and your company (words like “us,” and “we,” and “our”) circle or highlight it with one color. Say, red.

Every time you see language that talks about your customers, circle or highlight it using the other color. Yellow, for example.

Once you’ve gone through the homepage – or at least as much as you could afford – start counting each bit of red and yellow. If you want, keep a running score on the whiteboard. (In fact, this is a great exercise for a whole team to work on.)

Add up the scores for red and yellow.

The Results

Which do you have more of on your homepage? Red or yellow? Company-centric language, or customer-centric language?

Is one winning by a big margin?

Is it company-centric language?

The litmus test is designed so you can visualize the language on your site, and visualize the message you’re placing in front of customers. If examples of company-centric language are dominating – and your website isn’t generating business like you want it to – it’s time for a change.

Lantern specializes in clarifying marketing messages or reorienting copy and content so that the customer comes first. With a clear, customer-centric message, you will reach a bigger audience and generate more interest in your business.

If we can help, talk to us today.


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