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How to Deliver Valuable Content That Converts

4 Ways to Deliver Your Lead Generator

To create a successful lead generator, you need to deliver your content in a way that resonates and builds connection with your potential client. Here are the four main methods that businesses use to deliver content and connect with their target audience, along with the pros and cons of each.

Written Text

For many people, written text is the most accessible type of content to create. You write everything out from the comfort of your desk, take as long as you need to edit, make it look appealing, and then send it out to the world.

Written text might be used on a physical item but more likely it will be a digital item that someone views on a screen or possibly downloads to print on their own.

As long as you can clearly and concisely present your information in a way that effectively solves a piece of your ideal client’s problem, you’ve created a valuable, text-based lead generator.

The downside to text-only lead generation is that there is no face-to-face human connection involved, making it the least personable of the four options. One way to counteract that is by including a picture of yourself, or even an “About Me” section, somewhere within your lead generator. You could also use video or in-person interaction at some other point along the customer journey.


Audio files are a valuable way to connect with your audience and attract leads at the same time. By hearing you speak, your customers feel like they are meeting you, building more trust and connection than just reading written text would.

However, in our busy world, we’ve grown accustomed to multitasking while we listen to audio. That means a long audio recording may not hold your potential customer’s attention enough for them to truly absorb the information.


Video is one of the most effective types of content when it comes to building relationships with your target audience. It allows you to connect with people on a more personal level because they feel as though they are meeting you face-to-face. This builds a high level of trust and credibility. In addition, video content can be a great way to showcase your products or services.

However, high-quality video content is the most difficult type of lead generator to create. Although you can easily record a video on your phone, you will need to use other applications and platforms to edit and deliver your video content. And for some industries, amateur video won’t create the right impression. You’ll need to hire a professional service to create the video for you, which is often a 5-figure investment.


This last type of lead generator fosters the most personal connection but it also takes the most time and energy. You can’t automate face-to-face meet-ups, which means you are always trading your time for valuable leads. Although in-person gatherings have their place in your lead generation marketing plan, you don’t want this to be your sole source of leads. It is simply not sustainable for long-term business growth.

How to Choose the Best Format for Your Lead Generator

Now comes the hard part…out of those four ways to deliver your valuable content, which one is the best for you? Here are a few things to consider:

  • The goal of your lead generator
  • Your ideal client’s preferences
  • Your preferred communication style
  • The best format to showcase your information

The great part about using a lead generator to bring people onto your email list is that you will have continued interaction with them. That means you don’t have to pick just one method. Your lead generator is merely the introduction, the beginning of your sales funnel. It isn’t your only opportunity to foster a relationship with your potential client.

Instead, you could potentially use all four content delivery options in your marketing. For example, you could offer a PDF checklist as your lead generator, send a short welcome video in an introductory email, include the link to a recording of a podcast you were interviewed on in a nurture email, and invite high-quality leads to meet you in person.

If you’d like concrete examples of all four of these methods to deliver valuable content in action, check out this post with 33 lead generator ideas.

If you need help creating a content marketing plan that converts website visitors into paying customers, schedule a call with us today so that we can help you stop wasting good money on bad marketing.


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