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How to Leverage Your One-Liner Like a Growth-Minded B2B

How to Leverage Your One-Liner Like a Growth-Minded B2B

Your one-liner is a short, succinct statement that declares who your company is and why you exist. It’s not a long, drawn-out story with a pre-amble and conclusion… It’s a simple but powerful tool that communicates your B2B’s mission— and what big problem you solve— in a few, highly-targeted words.

But before we jump into our best tips for leveraging your one-liner, let’s talk messaging…

Behind every business one-liner is a compelling brand story

If you’ve spent any time around Lantern Marketing, you know we’re sold on the power of story. We believe creating a compelling story loop captures the attention of your ideal clients and plants your business firmly top-of-mind.

But you can’t write an elevator pitch if you don’t know where you’re going, or who you’re talking too, right? So before you can get to work crafting the perfect one-liner, start by clarifying your business’ message and defining your target audience. Consider the role you play in your customer’s life, and how their life changes when they engage with your brand.

Need help nailing your brand messaging?

You can brainstorm your brand’s messaging using a template like the Marketing Roadmap we created here at Lantern. Or you can work directly with our team of marketing experts to craft targeted (repeatable!) messaging and marketing with trackable results.

Whether you engage Lantern or get to work on your own, be sure your messaging is on track before you write this key piece of content.

How to leverage your one-liner to build your brand (and grow your business!)

Now that you’ve created a strong, clear one-liner, it’s time to get it in front of your target audience. As you develop campaigns, this key phrase should be repeated again and again everywhere your business shows up. That creates valuable brand familiarity and quick recall.

You can showcase your pitch on just about anything, but start with these simple one-liner examples:

Add your one-liner to your: Email signature

Drop your one-liner into your email signature below your contact info. Every time your customers (and team!) receive an email from you, they’ll be reminded of the pain point your business addresses. It may not turn a prospect into your next big client, but every small reminder of your creative solution to their problem adds up.

Add your one-liner to your: Social media profiles

The About or Bio section on your social media profiles is the perfect place to add one-liners for simple (free!) online marketing. Today, most people start by vetting companies on social media before they check out their website. By adding your one-liner on social media, when potential customers encounter your content, they’ll immediately know the value your business delivers— and whether it relates to them.

Pro tip: If your one-liner doesn’t fit in the bio section of your social media profile, it’s probably too long 😉 Remember, this quick elevator pitch should be clear, concise, and easy to remember. The fewer words, the more powerful it becomes.

Add your one-liner to your: Print materials

Most businesses overlook an essential place to add your one-liner: Print materials! Your brochures, magazine ads, your business card, postcards, product packaging, letterhead, and even billboards are all great places to print this phrase.

Add your one-liner to your: Website

… And all your online marketing!

Many business owners struggle to create a simple, clear website. Focusing your website content around your one-liner is a great way to narrow your message and communicate the most important aspects of your business to your potential new clients.

This tip works well for landing pages too. If you’re creating a landing page for an ad, lead generator, or social media campaign, showcase your one-liner front-and-center to capture the attention of your potential new clients right away.

And your well-crafted one-liner isn’t just for marketing materials

Another effective way to maximize the power of one-liners is for your internal content. After all, your entire team is your marketing team— from your executive staff to your frontline employees!

Here are some creative ways to use your one-liner internally:

Add your one-liner to the cover of your employee handbook

Teach every new team member your one-liner from the very beginning. This helps them quickly understand your company’s positioning— and their role in solving your ideal customer’s problems.

Repeat your one-liner in team trainings and events

Many business owners take time to write a powerful one-liner…. that never sees the light of day. But this key phrase is a powerful motivator for your entire company— especially when you speak it out.

Repeat your one-liner everywhere you go. At networking events, at company conferences, and everywhere in between. It will feel repetitive, but that’s the point! The more you say it, the better it will stick.

Put your one-liner up around the office

Hang up posters, put up signs, change your computer backgrounds, or paint it on the wall! If your company has a retail space, showcase it there too.

At Lantern, we generate trackable marketing results using simple, repeatable processes

Don’t do marketing alone! The team of marketing experts here at Lantern help businesses build healthy marketing habits that lead to accelerated growth, more leads, and visible, trackable results. When you’re ready to accelerate your B2B’s growth, contact us.


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