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Client: “Can you turn off our marketing? It’s working too well.”

Me: “I’m glad your marketing is working! But turning it “off” feels a little… unwise. What’s the problem, exactly?”

Client: “We don’t have the employees we need to keep up with demand. Our waitlist is huge. We just have to turn away customers. Can you stop doing what you’re doing for us?”

Josh or I have had this conversation with several clients. Multiple owners, in different industries and different parts in the country, have struggled with labor shortages. 

We didn’t really want to turn off marketing that was working. Success like that isn’t a light switch. (And, truthfully, we didn’t want to be out of a job.)

So, we decided to try to help them fix their hiring problem. We’re not HR experts, but we do know how to write words that motivate people to take action.

Want to know how we did it? I (Becky) tell you all about our approach to hiring in this episode of the Marketing Made Simple podcast.

Dr. J.J. Peterson and I talk about hiring and how you can get the attention of top talent. I talk specifically about job descriptions, employee testimonials, key characteristics, the importance of a plan, and more.

Spoiler: The same StoryBrand strategies we use to attract your ideal customers can be used to attract your ideal employees!

Take 24 minutes (or less, if you like to listen at 2x speed like Josh does), and push play on this episode. Listen on:

You’ll learn several ways you can change your content to get a hiring advantage. Or, you can hire us to write it all for you.


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