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Social Media Last

Here’s a question from a small business owner:


“Your emails are all about our customers and words and 3-step plans. That’s great, and I’ve learned a lot, but my team keeps bugging me about social media. I have no idea what to post. Can you talk about that?”

Yup, let’s talk about social media. 

It’s really common for business owners to feel guilty about not being on social media, or frustrated because they have social accounts but don’t know what to do with them.

Your social media strategy should be one of the last parts of your marketing plan you put in place. 

Social media will drive awareness and traffic. But if you don’t have a clear message, a way to collect your web visitors’ email, and a solid sales process, you probably aren’t ready for traffic — yet. You won’t be ready to convert or capture the leads that social media can bring.

And as far as what to say when you do start posting on socials? If you’ve been following along weekly, all the thinking you’ve done about your customers, what they want, their problems, how you’re the guide they need, the plan they should follow… this is the foundation for your content. This is your brand message, and you can (and should) use it over and over and over again.

We’ve got two more parts to your brand message to talk about in the next two weeks: failure and success. Then, you’ll have an almost endless supply of words and ideas for your social accounts so you’ll never have to wonder “What should I post?!” again!

Action Steps:

  • Put your social media anxiety on pause for right now. (Maybe even put actual posting on pause if it’s draining your energy or sending people to a website or sales process that’s not converting.)

  • Build your foundation first.

What part of marketing is confusing to you? What advice have you been given that makes you skeptical? Email us and I’ll record a video answer to your question and send it to you with my thoughts and details on what’s worked for our clients.


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