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The Competitive Edge: Why Applicant-Centered Ads are the Future of Hiring

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By putting the applicant front and center of your ads for hiring employees you’ll not only get more applicants but you’ll get better candidates. Learn three benefits of applicant-centered ads and how to write them for your business.

What is Candidate-Centric Recruiting?

Applicant-centered job ads position the job seeker as the hero of the advertisement. Instead of simply listing the requirements of the job, these job postings outline how the company will help the candidate reach their goals. It caters to the candidate’s interests and values instead of just listing what an employer wants from them. These job ads outline how working for the company will make the applicant’s life better.

Using this approach, one of our clients got 50 times more qualified applicants per month than they had using traditional job ads. Another was able to finally find employees that fit their company culture by presenting their open position in a way that appealed to the right candidates.

3 Benefits of Using Applicant-Centered Ads for Hiring

Not only does positioning the applicant as the hero of your job ads help you during the hiring process, but it can also help you retain great employees and grow your business.

Benefit 1: Get Applicants Who Want to Work With You

Most job seekers want a career that will make their lives, and the world around them, better. By positioning the applicant as the hero in your job ads, you’re tapping into that desire for fulfilling and meaningful work. Candidate-centric recruiting shows that your company offers more than just another job, but a place where employees can grow and thrive.

In a series of surveys about job satisfaction, “company culture,” “fulfilling tasks,” and “helping others” were listed as some of the top contributors. When people are satisfied with their jobs, they work harder — around 200% harder according to research.

When you reach candidates who are excited about what you do and how you do it, they will be more engaged and invested in the application process because they genuinely want to join your team. If an employee has adopted your company’s mission as their own from the beginning, they are more likely to provide high quality customer service. Happy customers mean more referrals and more business for your company.

Benefit 2: Your Job Ad Will Stand Out

Positioning the applicant as the hero will make your job description stand out from the hundreds of other job ads the applicant has already read.

Most job advertisements use employer-centric recruiting. They list what they want from the potential employee and how they expect job candidates to make their company better.

When people read a job post that focuses on how your company can make the right candidate’s life better, it will feel like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. Your job ad will make potential applicants feel seen, heard, and cared for. This appeals to a basic human need we all have: the need to be in a safe, supportive environment where we are valued and understood.

Benefit 3: Get Applicants Who Stay

If you are tired of the never-ending cycle of searching for new employees, finally finding someone, and then starting all over again because it didn’t work out, using applicant-centered ads for hiring will help you move forward.

Unfortunately, some business owners treat their employees like another piece of the manufacturing chain, just a body to fill a role. Candidate-centric recruiting forces business owners to look at the business in a new way. Instead of, “How can I get my employees to do what I need them to do?” the question becomes, “What do my employees need to be able to do their job better?”

This process forces you to actively listen to the needs and desires of your current employees so that you can make the workplace better for the whole team. Once you’ve defined what your company offers its employees, you can consistently prioritize those actions and ideals, improving company culture for everyone.

It is similar to the concept of reciprocity we often use in marketing. If you want the best from your employees, you have to give something of value to them first. For most people, just a paycheck isn’t enough to inspire unwavering dedication.

To encourage employees to give 100% each day, you need to provide an environment where they are valued, supported, and encouraged to grow in their profession.

Examples of Applicant-Centered Ads for Hiring

Now that you know how candidate-centric recruiting can help your business, let’s look at how to write applicant-centered job ads.


Example 1: A LInkedIn Recruitment Message

Are you frustrated in a position that feels stagnant? Is your advancement going to require you to sacrifice time with your family or friends?

[Company Name] would like you to apply for their Tax Director position. You’d be responsible for the day-to-day management of staff, clients, and projects.

[Company Name] has a generous compensation package and regularly fast-tracks employees into partner status — there’s no arbitrary time, grades, office politics, or a bunch of unwritten rules.

This could be a great opportunity to reinvigorate and advance your career.

Why it works:

The recruitment email begins by outlining how qualified candidates currently feel and ends by painting a picture of the transformation they could experience by taking the open position. Although this email does outline the basic requirements of the role, the main focus is on what the company knows their potential candidates want most: a path for growth without sacrificing their relationships in the process.


Example 2: Facebook Ad

When’s the last time you went to work and heard customers or your boss say:

🌟 “Thank you, so much!”

🌟 “You did a great job. I really appreciate it.”

🌟 “It makes me so happy when you walk through the door!”

🌟 “Wow! You did a beautiful job. Thanks!”

You’d better get used to hearing “thank you!” when you work for [Company Name]. Our clients LOVE our cleaners (and we love our employees).

Cleaning with us is more than “just a job.” You make a big difference in people’s lives. You create a clean space for them to live and work. You give them back hours in their week. You reduce their stress. You keep them healthy.

Are you ready to feel appreciated every day? Join our team!

✨ Flexible Schedules

✨ Good Pay with Bonuses

✨ Appreciation for Your Work

We can’t wait to say “Thanks for Joining Our Team!”

Why it works:

This job ad not only positions the applicant as the hero by showing how they will be appreciated for saving the day, but it also shows how the position contributes to the greater good by helping others.

Get Great Applicant-Centered Ads for Hiring

Positioning the applicant as the hero of your job listing is a powerful tool for attracting great candidates and creating a strong, motivated workforce.

Unfortunately, most busy business owners are too overwhelmed and understaffed to take the time to write them. If you’re looking to hire top talent and take your company to the next level but don’t have time to write candidate-centric ads for hiring those employees, schedule a call with Guide MKTG today. We will help you create the tools you need to fill your open positions.


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