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Who’s the hero of this story? 次

Is there a cute, squishy, maddening 3 year old in your life? …

Spending time with 3 year olds, youll quickly learn that their life is pretty much all about them. They want to choose their own clothes (or wear none at all). They want to drink only out of the space-themed cup that you cant find. And they definitely want to ride a unicorn. Their day is spent being the hero in their own story.

Your job is to help all of their dreams come true yes, even the .

Your customers really arent any different. They are working hard everyday to create their best life. They, too, want to be the hero of their own story. Its human nature.

The most successful marketing messages position your customer as the hero.

So, if your customer is the hero, what are you? You are their trusted guide who helps them achieve meaningful . You help them get what they .

You might know this hero/guide idea as the . Its a proven process of clearly communicating to an audience. You show that you understand their problems and offer compelling solutions.

Action Steps:

  • Listen to on how to be a guide in a world full of brand heroes.
  • Sketch out your brands story . (free account)
  • Read through your homepage and see how many times you present your company, product, or service as the hero (count the number of sentences that are about you, not your customer).

Do you know who the hero is in our relationship? You are. Were the guides who help you get what you want. Want your website to actually bring you customers? Want to stop wasting money on ads? Want to fill your calendar with qualified leads? Want your email list to make you money? We can help.* Schedule a .

*unicorn not included


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