To Blog or Not To Blog 🎭

Whether or not to invest in blogging is a big question for many business owners. There’s no doubt that it takes time and energy, making you wonder if it’s all worth it. 

Let me offer a handful of reasons why it’s worth the investment. 


  • Assures the reader that you are equipped to serve them well
  • Boosts your Google ranking, so more ideal customers can find you
  • Is scalable. Write once – read many times
  • Builds your authority (We talked about authority last week.)
  • Keeps your website current
  • Increases time on your site (which Google loves)
  • Forces you to stay in touch with the needs of your audience

So to borrow slightly modify from Hamlet: “To blog or not to blog… That is the question.” 

(Hint: You should totally blog. 😉 )

Action Step:

  • Start small. Write down the 5–10 questions your customers ask you most often.

Convinced your business should be blogging but not convinced you have the time? Let’s talk about how we can help you with that.


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