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WEBIT Managed IT

Flexible IT services.

Every day your business is adapting to meet the needs of your team and cusotmers. You should feel confident in your technology’s ability to adapt with you. WEBIT provides IT strategy and support, so you can quickly pivot to accomodate whatever comes your way.

We helped WEBIT remessage their services, rewrite their website and create digital support materials for their sales team.

Their new website is clearer and more helpful.

Their team has a new arsenal of sales assets on hand,

Click the PDFs to preview a few 

WEBIT Case Study - Sales Sheet 1
WEBIT Case Study - Sales Sheet 1
WEBIT Case Study - Sales Sheet 1
WEBIT Case Study - Sales Sheet 1

And we even helped them launch a new product.

From the client:

“Working with Lantern has been great. They provide excellent and timely feedback, and we have clear next steps to reach our goals. It’s empowering to know I have a team behind me.”

More of our work:

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