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I see you 👀

When looking for a company or product to solve a problem, customers want to work with someone who truly understands their problem and the pain it’s causing. Customers want someone who “gets it.”

How do you communicate this? Empathy.

As we talked about a few weeks ago, the most effective marketing positions you as the guiding character in your customer’s heroic story.  And to be an effective guide, you need to display two elements — authority and (you guessed it) empathy

This doesn’t mean adding paragraphs of sappy text or emotional videos to your website. Just a single sentence is enough to show you have personal experience with and concern for your customer’s pain.

Action Step:

Determine the strongest pain point your customer is dealing with. Then talk about how your company comes alongside them to help them overcome it. If you need help, fill in some of these blanks:


  • “We understand what it’s like to __________________.”
  • “We know how hard it is to deal with __________________.”
  • “Many of our customers have struggled with __________________.”
  • “Don’t you just hate it when __________________.”
  • “We understand how it feels to __________________.”
  • “Like you, we are troubled by __________________.”

Add your empathy statement to the Guide section of your website and sales materials. 

In our next blog we’re going to talk about the other aspect of you being the right guide: your authority.


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