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6 Recruiting Strategies to Hire Great Employees

Use these recruiting strategies to hire great employees that will fit your company culture and your business needs.

If you’d rather listen than read, Becky shares all of these hiring strategies and more in this episode of the Marketing Made Simple Podcast.

Recruitment Strategy #1: Be Clear About What You Do.

Before applying to a job, most job seekers do some research about the company to make sure it is a good fit. To help potential candidates get a clear idea of what it would be like to work with you, your business needs to have clear messaging.

Your company website should clearly portray what your business does and how you help people survive and thrive. That same clear message should appear on all your social media platforms, marketing materials, and other online platforms. No matter where prospective employees find you, they should be able to easily discern who you are and what you do.

As an added bonus, clear messaging helps attract your ideal client to your company as well. Taking the time to clarify your employer branding first will grow your business and help you find qualified candidates.

Recruitment Strategy #2: Position the Job Seeker as the Hero.

When we create compelling marketing materials to attract your ideal client, we position your customer as the hero and your company as the guide.

When you write job descriptions, you want to use the same tactic. Position the job seeker as the hero and the employer brand as the guide. Take the time to learn what potential candidates want from a position and highlight how your company meets those needs.

Compelling job descriptions paint a picture of success, showing talented candidates what life could look like if they worked for your company. Although it may not look like the traditional job posting, it will be exactly what you need to find the best candidates for your open position.

Quality candidates aren’t motivated by calls for help, which is what traditional job ads often sound like. Top candidates are searching for job postings that make them feel seen and understood and promise to provide more than just a paycheck.

Use this employee-focused job posting on all the popular job boards, at job fairs, and anywhere else qualified applicants might find you. Give it to everyone on your recruiting team to spread far and wide. This recruiting strategy will help you stand out, even in a crowded market.

Recruitment Strategy #3: Be Clear About Who You’re Looking For.

Company culture matters. People don’t just want a job, they want to go to work every day in an environment where they belong and are appreciated. They want to work on a problem that deserves to be solved.

Employees care just as much about the workplace culture as they do the position itself. In fact, toxic workplace culture is the #1 reason people resign from positions.

So, instead of just rambling off the standard requirements of your job openings, describe who you are looking for. What kind of person would fit well with your company? Describe the key attributes you value in an employee and what daily actions they will need to take in order to succeed.

Improving job postings to include valuable information about workplace culture will bring you qualified applicants who are not only interested in what you do but also how you do it.

Recruitment Strategy #4: Share Testimonials

One of the most effective ways to showcase what it is really like to work with your company is to share testimonials from existing employees.

Testimonials provide valuable insight into the company culture and build trust with your prospective employee. Seeing positive reviews from current employees demonstrates that you’re serious about providing a great work environment and that you stand by the promises written in your job description.

You can share employee testimonials on your careers page, in the job description itself, or even in communication you have with the applicant throughout the hiring process (see strategy #6).

Recruitment Strategy #5: Be Transparent About the Hiring Process.

Do you know what the #1 complaint job seekers have after applying for a new position? Lack of clarity and transparency around the recruitment process and timelines.

Nothing is more frustrating than spending an hour filling out an application only to never hear from that company again.

Don’t leave qualified candidates frustrated and confused. Instead, include a plan within your job description clearly telling them what to expect from the hiring and onboarding process.

Tell job seekers:
When they should expect to hear from you.
What the interview process looks like.
How quickly you plan to fill the role.

Recruitment Strategy #6: Stay in Touch

Another effective recruitment strategy is to use automated email marketing throughout the hiring process to stay in touch with prospective employees. Not only can you use these automated emails to let applicants know where they stand in the hiring process but you can also use the wait time to educate potential candidates about your company.

  • In the emails you could share:
  • About your company culture
  • Testimonials from current employees
  • Updates on the hiring timeline
  • An inside look at the day-to-day responsibilities of the position
  • An honest look at common struggles
  • Answers to applicant questions

This consistent contact will keep the job candidate engaged while better equipping them to decide if your position is the one they have been looking for.

These tried and true methods for hiring great employees will help you find the best candidates for your job opening, while maximizing your recruitment efforts. The employees you need are out there. With the right recruitment strategies you will finally be able to find them.


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